Secure Upgrade Plus

NEW - Secure Upgrade Plus SonicPoint-ACe & ACi Program

With the introduction of the new Dell SonicWALL SonicPoint Series featuring the SonicPoint ACe and SonicPoint ACi, Dell SonicWALL offers existing SonicWALL customers the opportunity to trade-in their older generation access points. The new SonicPoints offer the performance and range of 802.11ac wireless as well as industry-leading network security, all in a unified Wireless Network Security Solutions that simplifies deployment and management.

Eligible products:

  • SonicPoint
  • SonicPoiny A/B/G
  • SonicPoint G
  • SonicPoint-N Dual-Band
  • SonicPoint-Ne Dual-Band
  • SonicPoint-Ni Dual-Band
  • SonicPoint-N Dual-Radio

More Information: SonicPoint Secure Upgrade Program Overview

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