TotalSecure Email Bundle

SonicWALL® TotalSecure Email provides complete protection for both inbound and outbound email by providing award-winning anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and policy and compliance management in an easy-to-use solution. For organizations with up to 750 users there is simply no easier way to get complete email protection.

To select the appropriate SonicWALL TotalSecure Email solution for your organization, choose the platform, appliance or Windows® software, and the number of users in the organization - that's it. TotalSecure Email offers complete email protection in one convenient, affordable package.


  • Award-winning anti-spam engine coupled with end-to-end attack monitoring ensures the most effective and current protection from spam attacks.
  • McAfee™ anti-virus combined with SonicWALL's Time Zero Technology and zombie protection provides complete email anti-virus technology. Time Zero Virus Technology protects customers from the time a virus outbreak occurs until the time a signature update is available.
  • Corporate phishing protection ensures that organizations are protected from identity theft. SonicWALL delivers the only solution that uniquely identifies phishing emails and enables administrators to handle these messages independently from spam emails.
  • Inbound and outbound email policy management capabilities enable IT to quickly create and enforce corporate and regulatory email policies. For example, an organization can block executables or limit the size of inbound email messages, add disclaimers to outbound email or block email going to competitors.
  • Regulatory compliance framework helps organizations become compliant by automating the requirements set forth by laws such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. SonicWALL Email Security intelligently identifies email that violates compliance policies, monitors and reports the problem and uses policy-based routing to approval boxes to ensure proper review and disposition of email that fail to meet organizational or regulatory requirements.
  • Rapid installation and ease-of-management drastically reduces the burden to implement and maintain an in-house email security solution. Taking no more than an hour to install, and as little as ten minutes a week to manage, SonicWALL Email Security is the easiest yet most effective solution available.
  • Email archiving is available for all or specific inbound and outbound emails and, with SonicWALL's powerful auditing capability, it is easy to locate any email in the archive.
  • End-user spam management allows easy delegation of spam management to end users, reducing false positives and lessening the load on IT. This flexibility enables organizations to handle the differing needs of its employees while maintaining control over the email system.
  • Robust reporting provides easily customizable, system-wide and granular reporting, including information on attack types, solution effectiveness and system performance. Reports can be scheduled and delivered via email as needed.
  • Around-the-clock protection is ensured as each TotalSecure Email solution comes with 24x7 customer support coverage.

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